• what is it?

    little bitz of yum (really), that's yumbitz. first we start with love, then we add the chocolate, sprinkle it with smiles and, then you have yum. or are they bitz? 


    with 3 different varieties, we're sure to please your belly (if not, you'll just have to buy more)! 

    savor - chocolate chip

    indulge - double chocolate fudge

    unwind - white chocolcate macademia


    yumbitz is on mission (no, not to mars, lol). focusing on hunger, we give back $$$ to help support (hungry kids) local food banks.


    we like to say we're baking hopes and dreams, one morsol (1 more soul, get it?) at a time. just be. live! oh and don't forget to enjoy the journey!


    monica & karly

  • wxyz detroit - mom's a genius

    "blue eyes and smile light up any room, but Karly's all business..."

    fox 2 detroit

    "Yumbitz are mini cookies on a big mission.

    Founder Monica Marks-Martin stepped into the Cooking School to show us how she makes her cookies with a cause.

    Every time a pouch is purchased, 10% of the proceeds go to a community organization to help combat child hunger in the metro Detroit area. She chose to do this because she's passionate about the community, children, and cookies -- "because who doesn't like cookies?" she asks."

    tv20 detroit

    "Monica, talk a little bit more about how you had the courage to start your own business, after you'd already fallen on hard times"

    detroit cooks & books show

    yumbitz cookies on the cooks and books show with host adra young 

    nash fm 93.1

    "really some amazing stories; people just making a difference in the motor city. we spotlight them every morning, here on nash fm 93.1"

  • the yumbitz flight

    you can never have just one....so we made three!

    All Natural, Bite-Sized, Soft Baked Cookies in Resealable Pouches

    happiness is within





    (chocolate chip - soft baked)





    (double chocolate fudge - soft baked)





    (white chocolate macademia - soft baked)

  • community support

    it all started here...

    The Dolly McCarthy Show

    "she's working her butt off to help fight childhood hunger"

    — dolly mccarthy, cltv news

    Hope Center - Hunger Stops Here!

    "I tried the savor cookies today (chocolate chip) and they are fabulous!!! Great job!!"

    — lisa chambers, macomb county hope center

    Rockstar Weddings - Detroit

    "there is not a yummier nor more in vogue way to treat your wedding guests!"

    — chris djloki blanchard, rockstar weddings

  • the team

    aren't we so adorable!

    Co-Founder & Owner - Monica

    monica marks-martin

    (cookie eating officer)

    Co-founder & Owner

    whether it's the sicilian bloodlines, or the piercing blue eyes that will keep you honest, this 5'2" gal is not to be messed with. a detroit native, she started baking cookies for her friends and family over 20 years ago as a way to say "i love you". now, she wants to share that love with her neighbors by feeding hungry children and assisting in the detroit renaissance.

    and with over 9 years experience in sales & marketing for the food and beverage industry, she has just the right plan to take care of those in need!



    Official Cookie Tester - Karly


    (cookie tester)

    Chief Cookie Officer

    she may only be 3 feet tall; however, don't question her ability to taste. she knows the finer things, especially when they're as sweet as she is!

  • want to know where to buy yumbitz?

    check out the map below!

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    get your cookie fix here!

  • contact

    the best way to find us is on facebook and instagram; however, we've decided to add some additional ways, just for you!



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